The Owner/Head Armorer

Keith Barch

The work of Gorgeous Chain is the craft of a single artist, Keith Barch. Keith has been making chainmaille for over 15 years and been in business for over 10 years. Keith began Gorgeous Chain as a demonstration of the versatility of chainmaille. To him, this historical craft should be treated as any other fabric or craft material. He believes in its adaptability and in its inherent beauty. This has become Gorgeous Chain’s mission. To bring the beauty and versatility of chainmaille art to the world and elevate it from its humble armor/ jewelry capacity.

Keith Barch is also a certified massage therapist (C.M.T) with a national license as well as active licenses in Virginia and Maryland. He received his training at Shenandoah Valley School of Therapeutic Massage. He caters mostly to clients with chronic issues. He has specialties in Deep Tissue, Myo-Facial, Swedish, Reflexology, Ashi-Thai Barefoot Massage and Pre/Post/Peri-Natal Pregnancy Massage.

His personal passions include home brewing beer, cooking, and antique shopping. He is also a fan of classic Doctor Who (4th Doctor) and various anime.

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