Online Store

Under construction, sort of.-The Owl

The Owl (or the Business Manager, whichever you prefer, she is the grumpy one who is the one who generates all this stuff) states the below:

“Here’s the deal. We don’t normally do online sales, this page is open as an experiment.  Online sales for custom product is tricky and we had bad experiences with Etsy. We absolutely do not sell clothing pieces online. This includes the product lines of our bra tops, thongs, skirts, shirts, vests, jerkins, scalemaille mermaid tails, etc.

However, you can purchase our jewelry and other product lines through either our Squareup site (link below) or message us ( or through our facebook page (link at the bottom of the website). Restrictions do apply (for instance, we are no longer making dice to order). This page will be continually evolving as we figure out this online thing.”- The Owl (grumpy business manager who is grumpy she never took web design in college).


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