History Of Chainmaille

Chainmaille is an ancient craft dating back to roughly 600 BCE and ending as late as 20th century Sudan. The earliest recorded use of chainmaille was the Scythians as late as the 3rd century B.C.E. The absorption of the Scythians into various other cultures that adopted and adapted many of their technologies (including chainmaille) accounts for the various types of weaves we see today. By the 13th century maille smithing was a prized and highly valuable skill. Chainmaille armor is designed to be ablative (designed to be destroyed by use) for easier repair. Although never widely used in the East chainmaille had heavy and widespread use by the Europeans until the 15th century when blades started to become thinner and lighter. The widespread use of it had stopped by the 17th century. In the last twenty years, chainmaille has experienced a resurrection as an arts craft.